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Riccardo Iannaccio
Web Designer

Good morning, my name is Riccardo and I am an Italian boy of twenty years resident in the province of Milan. In July 2017 I obtained the technical diploma in computer science and telecommunications at the Erasmo institute from Rotterdam of Bollate. Post diploma I obtained some certifications online on the Life Learning website as a web designer, logo creator and other minor certifications, but always useful for a personal culture. I have work experience as an intern at the the company SB Italia, as an employee at the Fit and Go facility and as a website creator at the company Elephan-inc s.r.l. I consider myself a boy awake, determined, ambitious and with a great desire to to test. I am interested in working in the field of fitness and web design, but I am also open to experiences, such as work in the social field, graphic or as a freelancer. I am self-driving and therefore willing to move for work, even with the use of public transport. My greatest passion is basketball, a sport that over the years has taught me teamwork, respect for others, punctuality and above all commitment and constant sacrifice to improve each day more.
I remain available for any clarifications.
Sincerely yours
Riccardo Iannaccio

My name is riccardo iannaccio(web deisgner)
I live in Garbagnate Milanese, MI

websites created

graphic works carried out




Study titles and certifications

Study Titles - Work Experience

Technical and Professional Institute Diploma

School: Erasmo da Rotterdam
Course of study: Informatica e Telecomunicazioni
Vote: 71/100
The year: 2012 Per year: 2017

Web Designer

Company: Web Revolution
Role: dependent
Description Job carried out: website creations tailored to the client using templates already made and very professional.
Month Start: March 2019 Month End: April 2019

Web Designer

Company: Elephant-inc.
Role: dependent
Description Job carried out: website creations tailored to the client using templates already made and very professional.
Month Beginning: October 2018 Month End: March 2019

Various certifications

Create a Landing Page: Basics of Html and Css

The basics of HTML programming and to use a Materialize template from Google; Apply the basics of CSS to enrich the design; Integrate Mailchimp to collect emails of interest and to integrate TypeForm to validate your idea; Use GitHub as a host and go online

Create a Logo with Adobe Illustrator

What is a logo; How to draw the logo on paper; How to start a project of a logo with Adobe Illustrator; How to create a successful logo.

manage a site made with wordpress

Managing your site; The insertion and modification of the present material; Placement in online searches; To make the site faster; How to customize the site.

all my training

My Curriculum



Why choose me for a project?


I consider myself a very professional person. I like to create sites, logos and graphics and the results I get satisfy me most of the time.


I work every day on websites and respect, or rather, I do everything to meet every deadline given to me by an employer or customer, always paying attention to the quality of the final product.


I put all my resources and my strength to create a high-level and above all quality website. I try to keep up with every little detail and to inform me in case I do not know how to solve a particular problem.

My Skill

  • CSS/HTML 97%

  • Wordpress 95%

  • Boostrap, responsive Site 93%

  • DataBase management70%

  • Illustrator 90%

  • Photoshop90%

  • VIdeo Editing 70%

  • Photo editing 60%

  • Php20%

  • Social Network Management85%

  • SEO 70%

  • Jquery 50%